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buying used car

Did you decide buy used car?
Tips for buying used car
When you decide to buy a used car, you have already taken a smart and wise decision. Everyday new models are being introduced into the market and you can easily get a car that is as good as a brand new car at a lower price. Often car buying gets overwhelming for the buyer as each new brand is vying for customer's attention.  The new cars always come with additional features and amenities with a higher price. To buy used cars in Canada, people have numerous choices and there is always a great possibility to find the best deal.
It is more economical to buy a pre-owned car than a new one as you can save a lot of money. Due to the current economic problems, it is always better to get a used car at half the price of a new car. Within couple of years, a brand new vehicle depreciates very quickly. The value of the new cars goes down very quickly and when you buy a new car, you are only paying for the fresh aroma and warranty. When a new car is bought, there is no guarantee that you will get a completely flawless car. New cars also may come with manufacturing imperfections and bad design issues.
you can easily purchase a fully loaded model used car that you may not be able to afford with a new car. There are varieties of used cars and you can choose easily from among your favorite brands. Online research will help you to find the car of your interest at competitive rates. But you have to physically examine the car before you buy. There are several advantages when you buy a used car and you get the opportunity to drive the car of your dreams.

Purchase and Maintain a Second hand Engine

 How to Purchase and Maintain a Second hand Engine
If you have found yourself in a position where either you have determined yourself, or have been told by a qualified mechanic your current engine needs replacing with a second hand unit there are a few things to consider.
First and foremost you need to verify that the engine itself is at fault. It is quite easy to think the worst and assume the engine needs replacing but there is always the possibility there is something else wrong with the vehicle. If you do not find the original fault and replace the engine with a second hand engine then you risk having the same issues after the engine is replaced.
Find a trusted mechanic in your area; do not go for the cheapest as in this line of work you often times get what you pay for. In the cheaper places the mechanics are more willing to have a quick look and automatically diagnose the problem as the engine being at fault rather than actually taking the time to look the vehicle over thoroughly to determine why the engine has failed in the first place.
Word of mouth is probably the best way to find a good mechanic, ask your family or friends who they go to for work and use their experience to help you find the right garage.
Word of warning: do not go to a main dealer to have your engine changed. Unfortunately the way main dealers are set up they make more money on servicing (brakes, oil services and suspension) than they do by taking up ramp space for a few days by booking in engine jobs. This fact in itself leads many dealerships to price themselves higher than local garages quite often just so they themselves try to talk you out of having them do it. And if you do decide to have the dealer handle it for their exorbitant price they feel they didn’t lose out so much on the service work since they are charging you top dollar for the engine change.
Once you settle on a garage book the vehicle in with them and allow them time to do their work. It doesn’t benefit anyone if you are on the phone with them every 30 minutes asking them for an update. Give them the space they need to go through it thoroughly and give you an informed decision.
After they are given the time to diagnose the problem, if they then tell you that you need to install a second hand engine then ask them why, what happened to the original? All of this information will help you make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase your second hand engine.
Most garages do not have a problem with installing a second hand engine that is purchased by you the customer. Confirm this before you start looking for a engine. You can more than likely help your garage find a replacement engine for you. The internet is a wonderful marketplace but if you do not have the information or the knowledge about your vehicle then it may be easier for you to have the garage source an engine for you.
Once you have found and purchased a second hand engine, have it delivered to your garage so they can confirm it will fit your vehicle. Many different manufacturers offer the same engine code that covers multiple ranges of vehicles, all these means is that the engine and head may be identical but the ancillaries can possibly be different. This should not pose a problem for a decent garage as they would then just swap your ancillaries onto the new unit and install it as normal.
After the engine is installed in the vehicle you need to make sure to take care of it.
Check your oil and coolant regularly
Do a basic oil service on it every 3000-5000 miles
Try to park in the same spot as often as you can to help identify if your engine develops any leaks
Have regular servicing done by a trusted garage on normal intervals, the more the garage gets to know your vehicle, the easier it is for them to alert you if something looks out of place.

If there is ever an instance where you notice any overheating or abnormal noise pull the vehicle over as soon as possible and have it towed to your garage to try to prevent any major damage from occurring.
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Volvo 960 the Volvo 760's Replacement

Volvo 960 the Volvo 760's Replacement
Going back to the autumn of the year 1990, people would be able to recognize that it was during this time and season that the world came to know the Volvo 960. During that introduction for the vehicle, the Volvo 960 was introduced as a 1991 year model. It was also launched alongside the Volvo 940. It was marketed as the replacement for the then defunct Volvo 760. It lived for quite some time. This vehicle was known as the Volvo S90 and the Volvo V90 for the last two years of its existence. And in the year 1998, production for this vehicle was entirely halted.
These vehicles were actually built in Kalmar in Sweden. The very first Volvo 960 was actually completed and came out to the streets on the 12th of August in 1991. It was then packaged as a 1992 year model. Starting from 1995 up until a year before its last production, the Volvo 960s were built in another location. This time, it was in Goteborg, Sweden. It was in June 27th of 1994 that the very first one from this location came out to do some rolling on the streets.
In the United States, the Volvo 960 parts were equipped with an electronically controlled Asian Warner automatic gearbox. As per those that were marketed in Europe, these came with 2.5 liter engines combined with a manual gearbox that was called as the M90. These vehicles were actually a range of rear wheel drive cars. They were crafted and specifically built so as to cater to the tastes, preferences, and appeal of the buyers from the United States. By doing such, the Volvo 960 was one of the cars that paved the way for Volvo to enter and expand its market in North America. This vehicle has been made available in two versions which comprised of the sedan which held four doors and the estate car which boasted of five doors.

Mazda mx5 Car reviews

Do you know Mazda mx5 Car?

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Mazda mx5 Car reviews

The Mazda MX-5 is a fantastic little basic car with a front engine, rear-wheel-drive roadster without unnecessary frills to detract from the thrills you get from the sweet handling and decent chassis. Performance wise it has a lower-powered 124bhp 1.8- liter that might be just a touch too limp for such a capable chassis. The two-litter model sneaks to 62mph in just a smidgen under 8.0-seconds and on to a top speed of 131mph, which is exactly where the Mazda MX-5 feels most comfortable. It is not a fire-breather, but that is not really the point in this context – it is all about the way the little Mazda drives. Where the driving is concerned the new MX-5 - much like the old model - is extremely sensitive to wheel and tire choice. The big rims and tires look good but spoil the roadster's delicacy. They tend to catch ruts and cambers more, which means that the car is less progressive on the limit.
Surprising amounts of space are readily available in the new car, thanks to some very clever attention to detail on the part of the design team. There are buckets of storage cubby action available in the cabin, with a decent boot even when the hood is stowed. And the front seats cope with even the biggest of occupants without popping you up over the windscreen top and into the breeze.
You can tell the MX-5 has been built down to a price, but they have done the best that they can. Interior quality is a decent step up from the old model, with some nice new shapes and everything - the hood especially - just reeks of quality engineering. The plastics however are not so impressive. There is a depth of feeling about the whole car that inspires confidence in the way it has been put together. If in doubt, check under the bonnet for evidence.
Safety Six airbags are available as well as traction and stability control for the first time on an MX-5. To be brutal, the car just does not need it, but it will probably prevent someone having a wheel twirling moments on an icy roundabout. The two rollover hoops shadow the headrests of the front seats, so they are not visually intrusive but it is nice to know that they are there.
We should all own an MX-5 at least once in our lives, if only to demonstrate to ourselves why getting back to basics is a very good thing. It will also probably save your driving license from taking a battering because you get the thrills without the speed. It should also hold a decent residual value thanks to solid demand for MX-5s of absolutely any kind. No reason to believe this model will be any different.
It will put a smile on your face wider than the Grand Canyon, so it is hard to put an empirical value on the new MX-5. It is better than the older models in terms of quality and refinement, but has resisted the temptation to wander off down the silicon-tweak school of chassis management. The prices have been increased, but if you can afford to go for the newer model then do so. And do not forget to go for the smaller wheels

Performance ,Technology and Design all of them in Nissan 350Z Blends

Nissan 350 Z Blends
Performance       Technology             Design.

 These are what the Nissan 350 Z is all about. And yes, all those are found in just one vehicle. For power, the Nissan 350 Z has a 3.5 liter VQ engine that could produce some 300 units of horsepower. It also gets help from a six speed close ratio short throw manual transmission, along with an advanced multi-link suspension with is an engineering used for race cars. If you like relaxing during drives, then the Nissan 350 Z has a Boss® audio system and a Nissan Navigation System to help you throughout your journey.
The Nissan 350 Z sports car has been unchanged only until this year. It was introduced in August of the year 2002 and it continuously carried the features up until today. As per the changes done, the list includes a revised front end appearance, an enhanced interior, new LED tail lights, a new vehicle speed sensitive power steering system, a refined optional navigation system, as well as RAYS super lightweight 18 inch front and 19 inch rear forged alloy wheels, each with five spokes. A version of the Nissan 350 Z which is the Grand Touring Coupe model comes with 18 and 19 inch wheels, Brembo brakes, front spoilers, rear spoilers, and the Vehicle Dynamic Control, or VDC, system. This vehicle is powered by a 3.5 liter DOHC V6 engine that could produce 300 horsepower units. This is assisted by a 6 speed manual transmission system. The color choices for the Nissan 350 Z’s exterior include Silver Alloy, Magnetic Black, and I Interlagos Fire.
Made available in five trims models, the Nissan 350 Z is yet another vehicle with a wide range of choices. The trim levels and models are the 350Z, the Enthusiast, the Touring, the Track, and the Grand Touring. For all these, the standard features include the 3.5 liter DOHC V6 engine, an independent multi-link suspension with front and rear stabilizer bars, a strut tower bar, power windows, a 3-bay gauge cluster, bi-xenon headlights, and dual front air bags among many others. Options given for the Nissan 350 Z include a DVD based navigation system, a satellite radio, side and curtain side impact supplemental air bags, the Home Link Universal Transceiver, a cruise control system, the Traction Control System (TCS), aluminum pedals, an illuminated steering wheel with audio controls, an auto dimming rearview mirror, and side supplemental air bags.

Hybrid car

The modern car
Hybrid car
Mercedes-Benz has taken the wraps off of its first hybrid car for passenger, the S400 Blue HYBRID. Based on the S350, this mild hybrid auto pairs an electric motor/generator and the first lithium-ion battery in a production car with a specially tuned version of the company's 3.5L V6 driving the wheels through a 7-speed automatic transmission.

Lithium-ion batteries are ideally suited for use in hybrid vehicles to help reducing fuel consumption and thus also CO2 emissions. At the same time, the Daimler engineers are investigating to what degree this technology can be applied to other vehicle concepts, such as electric and fuel cell-powered cars.

Current hybrid vehicles use nickel-metal hydride batteries, but the lithium-ion alternatives are known to offer greater efficiency, as well as a better overall weight-to-power ratio. The problem with integrating the Li-ion technology was in securing their stability they became far too hot to be a viable option in a hybrid vehicle. Fortunately, Mercedes-Benz has 25 patents it is confident solves the dilemma of battery overheating, whether they stay on target for 2009 is another matter, but we certainly wouldn't doubt them.

The assist from the electric motor gives the S400 an agile feel and more immediate throttle response, although it doesn't feel as strong as our V-8-powered base S-class, the 382-hp S550. The kick from the electric motor is limited to only about 15 seconds because of the relatively small lithium-ion battery pack, and the electric motor only works up to 4000 rpm. But the boost is useful for low-speed acceleration and even in passing maneuvers. In all other driving situations, the S400 feels pretty much like a conventional S350.

Although the electric motor cannot power the S400 by itself, it does allow the gasoline engine to shut off when slowing to speeds below 9 mph, when coming to a stop, and when idling. When stopped, and with the gasoline engine asleep, the lithium-ion battery powers the accessories such as air conditioning as well as the electro-hydraulic steering. When the driver lifts his foot off the brake pedal, the gasoline engine whirs quickly to life without any hesitation or odd vibrations.

Thomas Weber, member of the Daimler AG Board of Management and responsible for Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development says: "What we have here is a groundbreaking key technology that is going to be a decisive factor for the future success of the automotive industry. That is a tribute to our intensive research efforts, which we have been conducting in this area since 1992."

With the new S-Class, Daimler has become the first European automobile manufacturer to launch a vehicle with a hybrid engine and the innovative lithium-ion battery. The S 400 Blue HYBRID consumes only 7.9 liters of gasoline per 100 km in the NEDC. These results in very low CO2 emissions of only 190 grams per kilometer, a very low value for this vehicle class and power class, making the S 400 Blue HYBRID the world's most economical luxury sedan

Whats more important to consumers is that the battery pack is installed in the engine compartment, where it replaces the conventional starter battery. This means that the interior space and boot capacity of the S400 remain unchanged. Additionally, thanks to its compact dimensions and modular design, the additional weight of the overall hybrid system including the comprehensive safety systems is only 75 kg or 165 lbs.
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Buy new and cheap car

Buy new car
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Buying a new car is not only an exciting moment but is also a rare occasion. It is not an everyday purchase. You would definitely like to hold on to the car for at least a few years, if not for decades. Hence, lot of care and thought should go into the purchase of new cars. Here is a rough checklist for purchase of new cars, which might come in handy whenever you think of new cars.

1. Evaluate the purpose of the car that you plan to buy. Think over carefully whether you want a sedan or a van or an SUV. Decide whether you would require a 4-door model or a 6-door type. If your car is only for general transportation, then you might not need a luxury model like Mercedes Benz. If the car is for the entire family, then a multi utility vehicle (MUV) or a sports utility vehicle (SUV) might be ideal.

2. Once you had decided on the type of the car that you need, give a deep thought to the price of the car. The car should suit your budget and income levels. If you are planning for a refinance for the car, the repayments should be affordable for you. The ideal price of a car is considered as 50% of the annual income of a person, according to experts in the auto finance industry. For example, if your annual income is $60,000, then the value of the new car purchased by you should not exceed $30,000.

3. When the type of the car and your budget are clear, hunt carefully for all the cars of different brands that suit these criteria. If you are thinking of a Cadillac CTS, it would be prudent to take a look at similar cars like Nissan G35, Lexus IS, Acura TL and BMW3 also. Study the features of each of these models and go for a test drive of all of them before making a final decision.

4. Negotiate for the car finance, if you are opting for a car loan. Bargain with several lenders to get the lowest rates and better repayment options. Discuss with several authorized car dealers, who would be able to advise you properly on the model and type you should purchase and also help you with the lenders in car loan.

5. Consider the points like the mileage of the car, the possible future maintenance costs, the insurance costs, and warranties for the car and the parts. The same oil change might cost you $25 for a Toyota, while it might be $100 for a Mercedes Bens. These factors would affect you significantly in the long run, if you do not take them into account in the beginning itself.

These are only a few advices to know how to buy new and cheap car.