Thursday, November 17, 2011

Koenigsegg Agera R 2012 .. Fangs of a world speed

Although the challenge of speed is the most challenges, depending on scientific progress, the speed and another face reveals the fierce competition to reach the peak of the starting, the face did not affect the creations of the new era, and laws the complex challenges of speed, like a layer free of a challenge, and inherited one of the oldest challenges known to man and the challenge of the famous forest.Between the parts of a second and a few meters separating the winners and losers, still face the most obvious to the challenges of speed is a brutal face with fangs and audio essence, and which embodies the challenge of speed as a challenge to devour the road, where resolved tours for those who received the largest fangs and most able to devour the road.


Before talking about the car today, which is one of the fiercest tusks world of speed, we first have to know you on the company Koenigsegg maker of miracles and the most serious challenge to the reigning world's fastest (Bugatti Veyron).Company began Koenigsegg the Swedish automotive industry high-speed flight in 1994 as a joint venture headed by Christian Koenigsegg, despite the company's contribution, the Christian Koenigsegg insisted on choosing the shareholders very carefully, to ensure that the company's approach, which has long dreamed of his own company, dream of Christian did not not just a successful company, but it was in fact the dream of a young man to the auto industry is not invincible.In spite of that Koenigsegg enjoyed the resources well to enable them to realize the dream quickly, the company took 8 years of development and research and testing, out of the first commercial version of its production under the name of CC8S in 2002, an upgraded version of the model CC presented for the first time during the exhibition Paris International two years earlier.After CC8S completed Koenigsegg way on the same base construction, a new copy to come out of the car several names, including the CCR and the CCX and CCXR and finally attained and then attained R.More modern .. More brutalBegin attained its journey in the world of automotive high-speed approach a fixed walked by all the models Koenigsegg since the beginning, and even access to employees, although the cars Koniggsaj was the product of a dream of childhood, he took the challenge of speed seriously, to become - generation after generation - the most ferocious and hungry for speed, despite what may seem from the modern.Each new generation of car CCX comes attained a new look is working to develop standards of innovative design sports as is the case with the performance and control, comfort and speed, Vmsmy attained - which refers to the eternal in ancient Greek - refers to the desire of the car in the development of new standards for the world of performance cars to rise by an Koenigsegg to a level not reach before.Design attained was - despite the ferocity of its lines - depending on the policy design is not only believe in lines, simple, quiet work entirely on improving the functions of the body, of both the side of safety, performance, and despite the fact that that philosophy could lead theoretically to a disaster designed capacity has achieved great success attained in the case of R, for us to get out the car a short interface highlights many of the vents next to the front cover in the form of a shield, lamps background highlights the great impact on the LED lighting famous.Down provided highlights scattered air the large and the plant of carbon fiber, and behind him comes wheels black, and vents the background working on the passage of air to drive the rear brakes, as well as to the units cool the engine in the back, at the top highlight areas glass ring that makes the cabin look like control room of the spacecraft.In the back appear attained her face brutal to those who try to overcome them, For the two sides appear lamps Home works with the LED, and beneath it vents the engine background made of carbon fiber, in addition to traumatic posterior large, made also of carbon fiber, in the middle highlights the slot exhaust large working on the exhaust wrath engine accompanied by payments from the flames, following incomplete combustion, as a result of reducing the speed of acute car, which reflects the excessive force of the engine, and finally draw attention additions aero multiple in the rear, the beginning of the wing dynamic large at the top, and even scattered air multi- holes in the bottom, and who have been working on the car glued to the road during the rush at high speeds.Engine and PerformanceAlthough the company Koenigsegg a relatively new company in the automotive world, it has a great deal of respect for their ability to produce the engine without the need to use the external drive, and in fact not any engine, Vmhrk Koenigsegg high-performance is the engine lighter and smaller world in its class, weight does not exceed 197 kg including the flywheel and break the movement, pumps, and even the exhaust system and turbo fittings complete, making it superior to the giant companies in this area, such as the Mercedes - Benz, Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren and Porsche.And extends superiority to the capacity of the engine actual which enables this monster The eight-cylinder supplied turbocharged to produce 900 HP, using gasoline with octane 95, with an increase in power up to 1100 hp in the case of the use of bio-fuel E85, but the determination to ransom attained the ability to produce 1200 N / m at 3300 rpm in addition to 1000 Nm / m at 2500 rpm only, which gives it a remarkable ability to acceleration at all speeds.To find out in detail the extent of the madness of this engine and its wonderful, you know that the pressure inside the cylinder engine attained when the output maximum power up to 28 bar, which is a staggering figure compared to diesel engine the most powerful global, which does not exceed the pressure inside the cut his 22 bar only, but Although performance figures remains the engine employees, ahead of the environmental conditions in the tests applied in the United States and Europe to ensure the arrival of the car to all her fans worldwide.Related to engine mated attained dual-clutch, seven speed, can change the speed in record time equivalent of the giant engine performance, and innovation on the side of the transmission is also recorded as the title of the lighter and smaller world, although its performance by only 81 kg.Thanks to that system wonderful, can be attained R that accelerates from stability, and even speed of 100 km per hour in 2.9 seconds and the speed of 200 km per hour in 7.5 seconds, with the ability to reach a top speed of 390 km, thanks to the system braking the powerful can be attained R acceleration even speed of 200 km per hour and then stop again in 12.7 seconds.Suspension and aeroMay not see many people in any way the similarity between the suspension under the car and aero design on the body, but they actually work - separately - to access one result to ensure the survival of the car on track during the launch, at high speeds and to respond to the pilot during attempts guidance cruel .Base is building attained it depends on the strength built entirely on the bottom rack of the body, without relying on the menu top or roof, allowing the car property disarm the ceiling and installed as needed, which is a superior engineered wonderful employees, and continues to excel in building a cabin full of carbon fiber , of a weight total includes the fuel tank does not exceed 70 kg, with the ability to withstand pressure up to 65 A. Newton to protect passengers from all external threats during the collision, and thanks to the light weight of the interior and the system of payment and the body in general, it has attained R and weight of total 1330 kg only, the equivalent of a small hatchback car, and superior to its competitors in the same category by nearly half tons.Suspension in the attained R was a continuation of the success of the suspension in the model CCX, where personal interactive on the driver's style of command, as well as reactions fast for a car that fit with the speed of a high-performance exceptional, and able commander attained control of the monster equipped car brakes high performance, Qatar 392 mm in front and 380 mm in the back, a circle drive with sporty design and made of carbon ceramic to ensure the best performance under all circumstances.As for the aerodynamics, supplied the car with many of the innovations that ensure the best performance at low speeds and medium-sized, and even the maximum speeds that exceed the 420 km per hour, Vafatthat side of the car went air paths specific benefit stability in general, as well as alloy wheels with sharp edges that work on the abolition of swirling air caused by starting the car quickly and spin the wheels, and may lead to loss of control of the car, also the rear wing was created is unique, where abandoned Koenigsegg for the hydraulic system adopted in most cars, high-performance, and adopted on the wing of a free movement change nines and pedestrians using the wind on the back of the car, to suit your needs and put the car from driving forces to the lower knowledge "Down Force".

Speed ​​Demon car crash of a peak speed of the new 740 km per hour

Amid all the twists and turns that have taken place on the world of cars, did not come the day after that it give up this world for its close connection speed as a friend was standing in the parking lot of the main reason for the continuation of this world and its development in this way.
With the increasing ability to challenge the world of physics to the automotive enthusiast, the higher the speed limit again to a level only in the past on the aircraft only, where the team said the owner of the vehicle Speed ​​Demon realize it for a new record in the world of speed , where he has a car allocated for this purpose, the speed and reached to 740 kilometers per hour, led by George Petit.

Ford opens the largest centers for the distribution of spare parts in the Middle East

Desiring to increase the parties to the communication between them and their customers, the Ford Motor Company opened its new distribution of spare parts in the Middle East in" Jebel Ali Free" Zone in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to invest more than 53 million states.And is the step that would enhance the availability of spare parts and reduce the waiting time of distributors and customers to get the pieces necessary to complete maintenance and service of Ford cars.The Centre for distribution of spare parts new, the largest investments of Ford in the region until today, according to the description «Frederick Tony», vice president of customer services global with the Ford Motor Company, who said, «a Parts Distribution Center in the Middle East leading customer service initiatives that we launched in the region, as it reflects the depth of Ford's commitment to providing our customers with services in the Middle East special elevate the experience of owning Ford cars distinctive to new heights ».
On the other hand Commenting on the opening of the center said «Ibrahim Mohammed Al Janahi», Deputy Director-General of the Jebel Ali Free Zone «Jafza», the Executive Director for Commercial Affairs «reflects the continuation of Ford's focus on the" Jebel Ali Free Zone", headquarters as its main and regional center for the distribution of spare parts, the depth of its partnership with the Free Zone Authority and Dubai in general and mutual trust among them.And turn in here with deep respect and appreciation to the Ford Motor Company for its ambitious efforts, make us confident of its ability to improve customer service excellence offered through this new facility ».And up the capacity of the center's new parts distribution, which extends over an area of ​​29.500 square meters, up to 50 A single piece, or up to 6 million pieces, with an estimated value of the stock center at about $ 43 million.The new center that reduces the waiting time for customers to get the pieces to the service locations, as it ensures the availability of about 92 percent of the pieces needed immediately in the region, to meet the needs of the service and maintenance vehicles, as it will hand over the pieces of the agents in two days, and will enhance the availability of spare parts in the region in general to reduce the time required for the delivery of spare parts required specifically, and thus to reduce the duration of the car stopped working due to malfunctions.The new center is part of a network of Ford's global distribution centers, of which there are 60 centers, but it is the first centers of the company in the region, and will provide services to provide spare parts in 11 countries in the Middle East, noting that Ford plans to expand its services to include the states of South Saharan Africa in 2012.