Friday, November 18, 2011

Recall Nissan 370Z and Infiniti G37 for defects in the windows

Nissan to recall certain models of the 370Z and Infiniti G37 coupe because of the automatic installation of the property back properly on the car windows. .

About 1.788 of the models 2011 and 2012 may be made ​​with a control switch in the net will not move with the capability to undo automatic enough.

This is dangerous in the event of accident, even if that part of the body of one of them hung in the window during the closure, so I spoke to the National Highway Safety for the possibility of injuries.

It is not clear if someone was injured as a result of this breakdown, but Nissan says that the manufacturer will fix the imbalance in the buttons windows for free.

Call start on the 28th of November, and the owners of affected vehicles can receive a call from the Nissan shortly.

"BMW First" in 2012 ... Become smaller is better

Not only a few days later, on his first world premiere at the Frankfurt International 2011 until noon the next generation of car, "BMW," the "Series 1" in Egypt, the largest hall in the exhibition "Auto Make Today's News 2011."

Including demonstrated a lot of appreciation and interest in the Egyptian market, the German luxury brand and the consumers who are looking to more economical cars, which is provided by the new generation of the car the smaller the "BMW" with the latest technical innovations enhance welfare, which precede its nearest competitor.
Controversial car in two lines of the design ...
Raised the design of the new generation of "BMW 1Series" debate details, non-traditional when he appeared for the first time where it is characterized by the small size lamps, high-volume lines sharp unfamiliar suggest that they belong to one of the cars of the "SUV" in bold with the introduction of a relatively long and low, with the rear quickly Details quiet place to raise when the small lamps.
Was different interior design dramatically in the new generation of "1Series" to be the most prestigious and attractive details reflect the latest models of the company's long-standing and the new design provides more comfort than the previous seating for passengers in the back, where it was increasing the length of wheel base length of 30 mm becomes 2690 mm with reference to the larger exterior dimensions except for height.
The "1Series" in two lines of the design can be selected either by the desire and the first is "Urban" any civil, and you know paint the chrome on the vent and double white, which adorns the Alxsaddamat and exterior mirrors as well as slot exhaust chrome Alamat The vaccination procedure by non-traditional Alaleklrik glass.
The second line is the "Sport" of any sport and you know slot ventilation dual aperture wider slots and fog lamps decorated with black high gloss with aluminum as well as vent chrome-plated dark and the vaccination procedure in black high-gloss with the color red and comes front seats sporty design and shows the red sewing as well.
"118i" for the first time with the "116i" ...
Served with the new generation of "BMW 1Series" a new generation of engine capacity of 1.6 liter advantage of technology, shipping Turbo dual to be stronger than ever and less fuel-efficient thanks to the techniques of saving in consumption where there is property "Mode ECO PRO" to reduce fuel consumption by 20 % system driven by the engine as there are technical run / stop the engine automatically to provide consumption and also for the first time available in two models are different in the engines of this car locally in the new generation are the "i116" which was submitted by and for the first time, "i118".
And enhance the style "i118" site competition strength of $ 170 horsepower at 4800 d. D. And determination of 250 Newton. M at 1500-4500 d. D. Achieving acceleration to 100 km / h in 7.5 seconds by the rear wheels, while the class "i116" option is strongly standard 136 horsepower at 4400 d. D. And 220 Nm torque. M at 1350-4300 d. D. Achieving acceleration to 100 km / h in 9.1 seconds by the rear wheels and enhance each of the models are automatically matched to the author of the latest generations of 8 forward speeds.
Safety equipment and safety without compromise ...
Because it carries the brand "BMW" Before anything, came the new generation of "1Series" all the safety equipment and safety that knows no compromise standard where there are front air bags and side curtain airbags and airbags for head protection for the safety of all passengers next to the technical regulations regarding the technical "RunFlat", "DSC", "DTC" and "ABS" to support the stability and control car with different circumstances.
And finally ...
Made available "BMW 1Series" in four different models equipped two of them with the model of "i116" and two of them with the model of "i118" and include the models of linear design "Urban" and "Sport" with prices starting from 235,000 pounds up to 269,000 pounds with the warranty period extended for two years without a ceiling, compared Baltarazac competition, "the Audi A3 Sportback" is the closest competitor at the level of German cars also do not lose sight of the car that made the newly "Citroen 4DS" Khachbak luxury on a good level of competition with the knowledge that the car "BMW" provide the option for top technical performance, as it is the only locally in its class that features rear-wheel drive system.

Kia begins promotional tour in the UAE from tomorrow for a period of seven days

Preparing the Korean company "Kia Motors" to launch new promotional campaign in the United Arab Emirates during the exclusive agent "Majid Motors" to attract more attention to the company's products in the country.Under the title "tour Kia in the UAE," for a period of seven days from Nov. 18 to 25 new Kia campaign is based on the opportunity for the public experience of the leadership of a distinguished group of company vehicles to get to know them up close.The Company announced Kia to new campaign will be launched from "Al Qasba" in "Sharjah" to move on Nov. 24 to "Ibn Battuta Mall" in "Dubai" and then to the "Ambassador Mall" in the "RAK" on Nov. 25, in order to can the largest possible number of those interested in the experience of the latest cars at Kia, and participate in the drawing will be conducted by the company on a journey to travel to "Australia" for two people, a comprehensive view of the Australian Open tennis.Kia has confirmed that the promotional campaign will include 10 different models reflect the principle based on the Kia to offer "more specification at a lower cost," a principle which pushed Kia to the forefront of the competition and gave her the opportunity to achieve many successes in the most global and regional markets.It is scheduled to announce the winner of Kia pulled in by the new December 15, 2011, and for individuals who do not have time visit promotional centers Kia, Kia has allocated to them also many competitions over the Internet that will allow them a chance to win a number of distinctive gifts.Mr. Mohamed Khodr - President of Al Majid Motors - Kia - "It will be our tour promotions this year bigger and better than ever, where lovers can KIA test all the features and specifications that characterize our pioneer of innovation, quality, performance and power, and will have the opportunity to enjoy driving experience like no other and win the trip of a lifetime. "

Chevrolet announces the second generation of Colorado

Chevrolet confirmed that it will be the production version of the next generation of car pick - up Colorado of the all-new mid-sized and sold in the United States.
It is scheduled to pick the version was launched - the first
pick - up of this month in Thailand, to follow in more than 60 markets around the world to be announced later in the details of the car, timing, and pricing and production site in the future. And will produce the current generation of Colorado in the United States this year version 2012.
Designed a car
pick - up Colorado of modern world entirely based on the basic design to the family of strong pick - up Chevrolet, and heritage is full of win several awards, has attracted the pick - up versions - displayed a significant global interest in Thailand, Argentina, Australia and Germany.