Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fiat may build Alfa Romeo Spider 4C

As you know there are a lot of attention on a specific model when a particular designer Btejelh in different versions and a different structure to enter the stage of production.
In this case we see a car Alfa Romeo 4C engine sports a medium-sized to keep the car in the stage show only, but because there is a possibility of up to auto shows around the world including North America during 2013.
Artists in Teamspeed they making a copy of the car Spyder convertible looks like a copy 4C, the logical question here is what kind of ceiling appropriate for a car such as the 4C Spyder, the answer could simply be made ​​of cloth or retractable roof of the rotation-like roof used in the Ferrari 575 Super america and Renault Wind.
Under the cover are expected to maintain 4C Spyder on the same components of the engine coupe with a 1.75-liter four-cylinder turbo charger works with gasoline to provide more than 200 hp to pay back.

"Porsche" expects sales in China increased 70% this year

Porsche expects, rising sales in China rose 70% this year, to 20 thousand units, due to increased demand for its cars from the model, one of the Cayenne SUV, which rose by 55% in the Chinese market this year.
Porsche sales rose in October to 1.546 in China, up 50 percent from last year, as the company sold 100.391 thousand cars since the beginning of the year in China, up 28% from last year.
Porsche plans to launch a new model of the Cajun compact cars in Germany in 2013 and has not yet determined if they will put up in China or not.

Tokyo 2011: Subaru developed the GT300 version of the BRZ to participate in the races SuperGT

In a move to indicate congestion Subaru's agenda in the coming period, and despite the passage of a few days to reveal the official model for the new Subaru sports BRZ.
Subaru has launched a formal model through the Tokyo International Exhibition Bhlth commercial as well as sports that will participate in the Japanese SuperGT racing next season.
Where comes Model GT300 hull a new lighter and more aerodynamic with the appearance of twin great will contribute to draw attention forcefully to the model of Subaru's new set to replace the model of the Legacy B4 participant in the series of races, and despite the limited information released by the Subaru on her
new race car However, it is certain that you get the car on the new Boxer engine specific power of 300 hp to make it match with the laws of the tournament.
It is scheduled to show the car on the race track later this month for testing and formal review by the company to prepare for the next season of the tournament.