Sunday, November 20, 2011

Volvo XC90 2014 will be built on the base of SPA

While attending the XC90 to celebrate the tenth anniversary, Volvo launched the four pictures that appear fantastic Model 2014.

Highlight the car's first crossover, which borrowed a number of fashion in cars from a car You and Universe test. This is not a good thing actually, but other pictures show that there are some hopes in this regard.

Volvo has not said much about the crossover, but said that the car XC90 will be built on the base type - SPA Scalable Platform Architecture, and as we talked earlier, the SPA will be able to base future models that weigh less than other cars about 100-150 kg.

Ford will launch the "update" to its cars

Announced that Ford Motor Company for its intention to launch Update for cars-mail through its send flash drives USB to about 250,000 owner of vehicles which contain the new version of Ford MyTouch that addresses many of the complaints related to the first edition of the system were redesigned prestige and make the control more smoothly and to deal more quickly.

Perhaps this move is a precedent of its kind in the automotive world, a guide on the integration of technology with the car dramatically, even if the companies you update the programs its cars in the past you will have to go to the company to update the program but Ford will allow the user to update the cars.

How much time we will need in order to reach "Format car" and update your virus program car (10 years?).

Mercedes-Benz S class 2013 ... lead themselves!!!

The latest findings of the police Mercedes-Benz of modern technology on a date with the Frankfurt Motor Show, especially with the disclosure of a car F125.

However, instead of waiting for drivers to enjoy decades of artistic innovations, the all-new 2013 car of the Mercedes-Benz S class will provide a separate command.

In the speed under 25 miles / hour driving S Class itself through the traffic jams slow through a series of cameras and surveillance radar systems that control the speed and distance in front of the vehicle.

And while the S class tracking traffic congestion, registered driver to focus on other things, on the basis of Dr. Mercedes engineer. Stefan Chouar. And to confirm the ability of S class to lead the way safely.

The Model 2013 will provide a new system of airbags, which is placed under the front axle to the use of emergency brakes, as well as the car containing the new generation of the COMAND system that connects with the mobile phone via the Internet.

To provide services such as local search via Google, where the passenger can select his part, and advance through the advanced navigation system that contains Google Maps.