Saturday, November 26, 2011

Los Angeles 2011: Chevrolet launches improved version of the New Year of the Spark

Chevrolet unveiled during the exhibition Los Angeles International Auto Show, the improved version of the famous Spark hatchback, which got the new amendments to celebrate the entry into the U.S. market which despite being the market were not her mother's car has new Generation available yet.
After two years of work in Africa, Asia and Europe, I knew Spark the opportunity to reap greater success in the U.S. market substantial, prompting Chevrolet to give an improved version for 2013 obtained with the car on many of the new amendments, which qualifies them to attract attention to in a market that favors the majority it that class of small cars.Comes modifications State obtained by Spark Network new vent increase in size than those of the current European addition to the shocking new front make the car look larger and more up front, but both sides have got the car on the mirrors more streamlined and alloy wheels new 15-inch design with sports .And under the front cover comes engine Spark capacity of 1.2 liter power 85 hp and 111 Nm / m of torque, The engine is a choice of two vectors of movement, either a manual five-speed or automatic four-speed to rush its weight of 1029 kg to the balanced performance to achieve the movement smooth and the rate of consumption Low fuel.For the first time, provide the Chevrolet Spark Cyber ​​MyLink system, which works through a touch screen measuring 7 inches installed in the center console of the car, which can control the navigation system and Bluetooth phone system to connect the voice.It is expected to reach Spark 2013 to showrooms in the United States mid-next year.

Los Angeles 2011: Honda's electric version of the review in preparation for the launch of FIT

Since the start of a revolution electric cars, Honda is working hard to find a seat in the front rows of this world by finding solutions and alternatives to a great revolutionary was able to draw attention to the effort made by the company and the status of an advanced level in this area.

Honda and add more success to record electricity, the company unveiled the curtain of electric version of the small Fit, which got the EV logo in preparation for the difficult task of invading the U.S. 
As revealed Honda's intention to provide the car to the States of America respectively from California, through the seven other states, to decide Honda later whether they will offer the car in the remaining States of America or not, and will present the vehicle lease possessive cost the owners Fit EV $ 399 per month which is the only option so far declared for those who want to have a car, stay with the option of full ownership under study by Honda.Works Honda Fit EV electric motor power 123 horsepower, which is the engine used in the model FCX Clarity, and derives the engine capacity of Lithium-ion enables Fit EV to walk for a distance of 197 km before having to recharge, which takes Fit EV period of between two and a half to 3 hours to recharge its stockpile of electricity.Honda has announced its intention to produce 1100 cars of this type during the next three years, and the car will be marketed in the United States, Japan and China, and the car will be available in blue glossy only.

Ice Skating in the Mini Monster X-Raid

Whether you're nicknamed Mini Monster X-Raid AII4 truck race or a skateboarder or skater is free, it does not matter too much this car can jump and move to the hills better than all these.
The first time we heard about Mini X-Raid AII4 Racing was in December of last year, car racing rally that can withstand the sands of the desert and snow, mountains and certainly city streets.
This car is equipped with 3.0-liter Bmrk RS 08 gives the power of 215 hp at a maximum speed of up to 112 miles / hour.

Ford used John Cena in the Declaration of the new car

If you're a fan of professional wrestling will know very well that the famous wrestler John Cena love Ford cars , which already has one.
This is the reason why the WWE has already chosen with Ford to promote the latest products in 2012 models, Ford Mustang GT, which launched the company in the next year.

Specifications and prices of new form of "Opel Corsa" in Egypt

Launched the "Opel" new form of German youth small car "Corsa", which returned to compete again in the current generation, who received some minor improvements to enhance its competitive position with similar European cars in the first place.
Has provided "Corsa" amendments to focus on the sporting side to show clearly to suggest a greater capacity of this small car headlights where she earned a new design gives it a youth revival.It also expands the lower vent to "Corsa" is out with a new wide aperture at the time it occupies a space smaller fog lamps and new design of the ventilation hole and the upper bar which carries the slogan "Opel."The design remains the "Corsa" with no alterations of the sides or from behind and even in the form of procedure, taking into account that they enjoy the attractive design of a high-class sports and taste.And features "Corsa" availability engine economical compact can 1.4-liter possess by force where it can generate power of 100 hp and 130 Newton's. Meters, which consumes about 5 liters of fuel per 100 km with his connection carrier manual or about 6 liters of fuel per 100 km with the automatic transmission.In terms of equipment, the "Corsa" new available the same specifications of processing of the form of the past with a few variations where he became the level of processing standard includes a greater number of the equipment with the knowledge that the car is available in two levels of processing are the "Elegance" and "High Line" which is provided in which a wide range of luxury accessories that are not often available at a competitive price in this category as do the "Opel" German.In view of the prices you find "Corsa" in the level of processing "Elegance" with the manual transmission fetch up to 109,000 pounds as the price level with the automatic transmission to 123.000 Egyptian pounds The level of processing "High Line" with automatic transmission, the price of up to 133,000 pounds , this car has a warranty period of 3 years or 100,000 km.

Los Angeles 2011: Ford offers sport pilot ST Vista in Los Angeles

The ignition of competition in the category of hot hatchbacks one of the important reasons for the emergence of sports cars in the hatchback shape recently after the pilot was limited that case to review the experimental techniques and muscle cars in the important categories are the most exciting and competitive in the automotive world.
To demonstrate Ford's ability to compete in that category in the future, the car model pilot car VISTA ST, which made ​​engine EcoBoost 1.6 liter balance between power and fuel consumption to produce 180 hp and 240 Nm / m of torque, which is powerful enough to push Vista its weight of 1139 kg to great performance level which guarantees a competitive applicant.
It seems Vista ST up to the responsibility, including in respect of the elements of a good to excel, the Ford car design enhanced with a sporty character and a clear beginning of a network of ventilation black large-sized bearing the logo of ST red, through to front bumper with fangs lower profile and even some minor Aero dynamics, which Added to the car to assist them in performing their tasks for the future.