Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hyundai Azera 2012 is preparing to break into the U.S. market

Complement the series of the phenomenal success of Hyundai in the category of luxury saloon in the recent period, disease Bjnass sedan, passing style new ECOS - or «Centennial» in the Middle East - and today completed three when Hyundai launched the fifth generation of the new Hyundai Azera 2012, in the U.S. market within the exhibition Los Angeles International Auto Show.
The Company announced Hyundai that the Azera 2012 is the seventh and the last model, after Toussaint «IX35», Sonata, ECOS, Elantra, Accent 2012, and finally Velostr, within the plan Hyundai, dubbed the «7 / 24», which means seven new models every 24 months .
Design parameter, of course, adopted Azera 2012 at the language of Hyundai design the new so-called «Sculpture fluid - Fluidic Sculpture», which take the flow and curves as its foundation, where the confusion between my introduction Sonata and ECOS, we believe the bulbs large, network ventilation pointed and surrounded by chrome, along with fascinating background lamps and a large flow of elegant touches of us graduated 2012 Azera is the most luxurious and powerful than usual.
The Azera 2012 with a size between the Hyundai Sonata with front-wheel drive, and Hyundai Gniss with rear-wheel drive, with a length of 4.9 m, width 1.85 m, wheelbase 2.84 meters, thus providing more space for a passenger car is estimated at about m full passenger front seat of the car.
Internally, the Hyundai raising the level of luxury and elegance of the interior of the Azera 2012, thanks to the seats made of leather, and the system of climate control system and dial-up Bluetooth, and voice recognition systems, in addition to the navigation system advanced camera phone background, along with other features of the categories of Top is in panoramic sunroof, and a sound system of the type «Infinity» famous strongly connected to a 550-Watt 12-speaker audio scattered inside the car.
Under the hood, depending Azera 2012 new six-cylinder engine «V6» with a capacity of 3.3 liter, technology, direct injection, provide horsepower estimates 293 in hp, torque and an estimated of 346 N / m, and is transmission of the front wheels through a transmission automatic six-speed automatic transmission with manual control «SHIFTRONIC».
It is clear that Hyundai has provided the new generation Azera - or «Grandior» Korean market - many of the capabilities and features, to be prepared for the expected fierce competition with the Nissan Maxima, Buick LaCrosse, Toyota Avalon and Lexus ES350.

Ford launches Flex 2013 new exhibition of Los Angeles

Of having almost completed its formative years in the three relatively short life, the Ford Motor Company of America unveiled a model of enhanced full-size crossover «Flex 2013» which stood on the platform the American manufacturer, at the Los Angeles International Auto Show currently being held in the United States.
There is no doubt that «Felix» car noticeable, it is, despite its features straight and overlooking fund were not devoid of modern and modernity blend in a wonderful grainy too, and with improvements to the design of new increased trendy to give us one of the cars class a balance between the strength of overwhelming presence on the road, and classic features, and simple engineering process associated with advanced technologies.
In the foreground won «Flex 2013» Several small changes, but influential, such as design renewed for fog lights, with the improved design of the bumper front, was also changed network ventilated front which, as we have become accustomed will be made of chrome-polished, with a removable logo Ford and a slogan Felix manner new to get the car on its own personality.
But in the back has got «Flex 2013» also bumper rear improved, with a renewed ornaments of chromate, and the rear lights hostile design of some parts, while in the cabin has been provided with the car running «My Ford» Information, with a new set of equipment being.
As for the engines, has been improving the capacity of base engine the primary by about 20 horsepower extra, to become a power hp 285 hp instead of 265 horsepower, and is accessed torque engine to 345 Nm instead of 336 Nm in the old version, and despite the upgrading of force was reduce the rate of fuel consumption.
And will remain the engine version belongs to the family of «Eco Post», which consists of six-cylinder 3.5-liter also without changes, where this engine generate horsepower of 355 hp, with the ability to generate torque to 470 Nm, while you will not get tray automatic transmission, consisting of six rates of any changes, the link between the engine and the system of payment through the four axes.

Range Rover Aivuk launched in the UAE market

Land Rover launched in collaboration with its agent in the United Arab Emirates, "Al Tayer Motors", the latest four-wheel drive vehicles with a revolutionary design Aivuk, which compete in the compact SUV class.
And made the events at all, which was held at a hotel in the "field", in the presence of" Ashok Khanna "- CEO of "Al Tayer Motors," and Robin Colgan - General Manager of "Jaguar Land Rover in the Middle East and North Africa .On this occasion, said "Ashok Khanna": "The launch model," Range Rover Aivuk "Add entirely new to the line of cars," Range Rover "is a new chapter Musharraf and distinctive addition to the recorded successes of" Land Rover "in the United Arab Emirates. We are confident that the car new, which received extensive positive repercussions in the world, will see high demand in our markets as well. "

Commented "Robin Kulgan" saying: "The launch model," Range Rover Aivuk "in the UAE market is an important moment in the history of mark" Land Rover ", especially since this model embodies our desire to create a different car with a unique design. And will exit the UAE "Ali Mustafa", the best of helping us to promote this model in the UAE among the public, which has civilized taste and distinctive. "
Comes Range Rover Aivuk with unique design and cruise lines to reinforce new concepts in the world of SUV promote agility and efficiency in the performance of tasks, which are based upon a small family of Land Rover with its own fancy equipment to enable them to deal with all driving conditions, the most difficult, as a response to the terrain ((Land Rover Terrain Response ™, which modifies the payment systems and suspension to suit all surfaces side by side with the system (MagneRide ™), which works to adjust the suspension to give the best performance.The Range Rover Aivuk engine capacity of 2 liter turbocharged air (over a dispute) is working to produce 240 hp and 340 Newton / meter, The engine is mated to an automatic six-speed exploits the engine's power to pay Aivuk a speed of 100 km per hour in 7.6 seconds with the ability to access to a top speed of 217 km per hour.Is scheduled to be available Aivuk retailing of the company "Al Tayer Motors," distributed across the UAE at a starting price of 235 thousand AED.

"BMW First" in 2012 ... Become smaller is better

Not only a few days later, on his first world premiere at the Frankfurt International 2011 until noon the next generation of car, "BMW," the "Series 1" in Egypt, the largest hall in the exhibition "Auto Make Today's News 2011."
Including demonstrated a lot of appreciation and interest in the Egyptian market, the German luxury brand and the consumers who are looking to more economical cars, which is provided by the new generation of the car the smaller the "BMW" with the latest technical innovations enhance welfare, which precede its nearest competitor.
Controversial car in two lines of the design ...
Raised the design of the new generation of "BMW 1Series" debate details, non-traditional when he appeared for the first time where it is in small size lamps large lines sharp unfamiliar suggest that they belong to one of the cars of the "SUV" in bold with the introduction of a relatively long and low, with the rear quickly Details quiet place to raise when the small lamps.
Was different interior design dramatically in the new generation of "1Series" to be the most prestigious and attractive details reflect the latest models of the company's long-standing and the new design provides more comfort than the previous seating for passengers in the back, where it was increasing the length of wheel base length of 30 mm becomes 2690 mm with reference to the larger exterior dimensions except for height.
The "1Series" in two lines of the design can be selected either by the desire and the first is "Urban" any civil, and you know paint the chrome on the vent and double white, which adorns the Alxsaddamat and exterior mirrors as well as slot exhaust chrome
Rubber The vaccination procedure by non-traditional acrylic glass.
The second line is the "Sport" of any sport and you know slot ventilation dual aperture wider slots and fog lamps decorated with black high gloss with aluminum as well as vent chrome-plated dark and the vaccination procedure in black high-gloss with the color red and comes front seats sporty design and shows the red sewing as well.
"118i" for the first time with the "116i" ...
Served with the new generation of "BMW 1Series" a new generation of engine capacity of 1.6 liter advantage of technology, shipping Turbo dual to be stronger than ever and less fuel-efficient thanks to the techniques of saving in consumption where there is property "Mode ECO PRO" to reduce fuel consumption by 20 % system driven by the engine as there are technical run / stop the engine automatically to provide consumption and also for the first time available in two models are different in the engines of this car locally in the new generation are the "i116" which was submitted by and for the first time, "i118".
And enhance the style "i118" site competition strength of $ 170 horsepower at 4800 d. D. And determination of 250 Newton. M at 1500-4500 d. D. Achieving acceleration to 100 km / h in 7.5 seconds by the rear wheels, while the class "i116" option is strongly standard 136 horsepower at 4400 d. D. And 220 Nm torque. M at 1350-4300 d. D. Achieving acceleration to 100 km / h in 9.1 seconds by the rear wheels and enhance each of the models are automatically matched to the author of the latest generations of 8 forward speeds.
Safety equipment and safety without compromise ...
Because it carries the brand "BMW" Before anything, came the new generation of "1Series" all the safety equipment and safety that knows no compromise standard where there are front air bags and side curtain airbags and airbags for head protection for the safety of all passengers next to the technical regulations regarding the technical "Run Flat", "DSC", "DTC" and "ABS" to support the stability and control car with different circumstances.
And finally ...
Made available "BMW 1Series" in four different models equipped two of them with the model of "i116" and two of them with the model of "i118" and include the models of linear design "Urban" and "Sport" with prices starting from 235,000 pounds up to 269,000 pounds with the warranty period extended for two years without a ceiling, compared versions competition, "the Audi A3 Sport back" is the closest competitor at the level of German cars also do not lose sight of the car that made the newly "Citroen 4DS"  luxury on a good level of competition with the knowledge that the car "BMW" provide the option for top technical performance, as it is the only locally in its class that features rear-wheel drive system.