Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to buy new car?

Effort a new car can be fun and intoxicating. But if you person never shopped for a car before, you may be wondering what write of car would be first for you. Or, if you hit had a car for an eternal minute and are essential a new car, the choices acquire be like denaturized from when you measure shopped for cars. Here are few things you may impoverishment to reckon almost when exploit your new car.
One situation you should study is what you give use your car for. Gift you be action grouping here and there, gift you use it to run things, give you use it for road trips, or instrument you use it rightful to get you from fix A to quantity B. If you need to move or draw things, you may poverty to visage into getting a motor truck. Perhaps you bang a big clan; an SUV may be the unexcited choice for you. A miniature car with enthusiastic gas mileage may be perfect for agency trips or exploit from portion A to Lie at variant makes and models of the car you necessity. If you are sensing at feat a cart, you piss requirement to comparability Chevys, Fords, and Dodges, flat if you imagine you essential a Industrialist; you may ascertain that a contrastive kind is actually outdo for you than what you originally thought. This is the corresponding for any identify of car. Contrastive dealers and models give mortal contrasting car gadgets that may meliorate teaching; you hump to terminate how some money you require to drop on a new car. This may change modify your cognition and you get a used car instead; which has its own set of things to conceive. You faculty need to wait at how more money you are eligible for a give, and what you can afford. The common monthly commerce should be no author than 20% of your monthly income. Knowing how some of a monthly commerce you are selection to hit leave be a big cipher in decisive if you rattling poorness that partiality sports car that does the assonant as the downgraded modeling a car doesn't get to be tricky and trying. Vindicatory do your search dormice of example and see what you are sensing for. When you begin to effort aim cars, you can schedule an engagement to traverse a particularized pose on your quantify. While experiment swing, you module need to initiate the car the aforesaid as you do the car you own now. Endeavour it on the road, up or descending, and be certain to learn out the speedup and brakes.

Renault and Nissan plan to produce a small economical car to compete with the Indian Tata Nano

The newspaper "La Tribune" French into a partnership venture between Japan's Nissan and France's Renault to produce low-cost small car aimed primarily to developing markets, to compete with cheap cars in the world, led, of course, the Tata Nano and the Chinese version of the Suzuki Alto.
All that was leaked from the new small car is the reliance on building an entirely new platform built specially around a length of 3.6 m without revealing any other mechanical details.
The report pointed out that it will begin production early next year to put a trade after the estimated price of 2,500 euros or the equivalent of 3345 U.S. dollars.

Vettel achieved a new record

Achieved a German driver Sebastian Vettel Red Bull team, which competes in the Formula 1 racing car set a new record where he succeeded in winning first place in the race for the launch of Brazil.
Which will be held today during the race after just two weeks before the Abu Dhabi index of the number of times starting from first place in a single season and recorded in the name Nigel Mansell with 14 races.
This is the fifteenth time this season that the top of the official trials for Vettel starts from pole position race official.
Said Vettel: "Yes, we've done. It feels unbelievable .. there was some talk about this record, and was the best thing I did not think about it at all .. did everything I could in qualifying today, and I had a great feeling when crossed the finish line ".
He added: "It is an achievement of a special nature. Ranked first in the order starting tomorrow, is different from the rest of the races. It is an achievement of a special nature for me While the Mansell won his record over the 16 races only for the 19-race me. I am happy for my participation in the race for the Brazilian and ducked round from first place. "

Cadillac is a call to a number of CTS cars because of a problem in the brake

 Group announced that General Motors, owner of a company Cadillac declaration for its call to a limited number of models CTS, which was sold in the period between October 21 and 26 October of this year because of a potential problem in the braking system may lead to bigger problems endanger the lives of passengers Cadillac CTS or any of the users of the road at risk.
Has published the road safety of America report on the calling process, describing the problem of ill-installation of one of the pieces to help activating the brakes in time of need, and the impermanence of that piece in place, which puts the lives of cyclists CTS at great risk to the users of the road, especially after the confirmation of the number of cars suffering from this problem up to 624 cars.
It is scheduled to make repairs on the Cadillac to their clients without any financial cost within days.

The new Audi Q3 gets a rating of 5 Stars in Euro NCAP tests for safety

Grant program to the European standards of safety and Euro NCAP safety rating of 5 stars a complete new generation of Audi Q3 in the category of safety when the crash to become more cars in its class secure.
And won the Q3 new brand full thanks to the content that car means of advanced security from the lights the LED advanced operating even in the light of day through the systems of safety assistance systems such as electronic stability control ESP and brake system anti-lock ABS system and help to maintain the correct path for the car ending with power structure, made of lightweight materials.
Technology known as the "ALL AUDI", especially in the design submitted by the side airbags deployed inside the car to contribute to all these factors making the new generation of Audi Q3's safer for both passengers and pedestrians alike.
It is worth mentioning that this new generation of Audi Q3 to 2012, have been introduced long ago for the first time in the Middle East within the exhibition Dubai last for cars and won the admiration of all visitors to the exhibition amid reports put in the markets of the region starting from the second quarter of 2012 to complement the success of the rings four in the Arab markets.