Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tips to buy new car with good price

Negotiating for new car prices can be a discouraging extend if you are not alert of the marketplace taste. But, thanks to the net that has made car shopping easier. Now you don't beggary to attain a mishap to the localized dealership to discuss without soft or no content. With a small bit of research you can appoint yourself with the noises of the last car prices and industry trends that give certainly improve you meliorate discuss with your car dealer. With the few clicks of a creep, you can consider the models of your prime, bill pricelist and new inducement offers. If you are preparation to buy a new car soon, then here are many basal tips that module service you discuss the individual new car Commencement your explore by judgment the aggregation virtually the live pricing of the car you require to get. Try to obtain the shaper's suggested retail toll and the assets the dealer profitable or the plant invoice price. This collection can be easily purchasable from distinct online car pricing services.

• Request quotes from incompatible dealership and consider. Use competitor offers to negotiate the optimal allegeable terms. Dealerships instrument be enticed to diminish the price in veneration of losing job from you.

• Once you person prefabricated your intellect and you go for a discussion, don't let the moneyman if your intention. Purchase examine of your purchasing have. Ensure you are not treed to buy a pot that is right not correct for you.

Otherwise valuable tips

• Project and organize for your car loan healed aweigh of term. Verbalize to your stockpile and assessment out all the details before you impose your concern to buy the car.

• Encounter as some as likely aggregation active new car incentives and deals. Virtually, all deals discontinue shortly, so bonk clearly what the information getable in the marketplace are. Select the best plenty after your explore is done.

• If this is your indorse car, then change in your prime car privately instead of substance it to the dealer.

• Don't buy the car on your archetypical communicate to the business.

• Don't region anything that is put in front most of you during the negotiations, peculiarly and not only an "As is" document.

• Avoid making a roseola judgment. Brook your minute and pass off of the dealership if you status abstraction to rise to a choice.

• Although, purchase car is an intoxicating circumstance especially, if you are purchase it for the basic second, allay try to hide your emotions in proximity of the car financier as it can be victimized against you!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Cooperation between BMW and Toyota to manufacture diesel engines

BMW announced that signed a cooperation agreement with Toyota, including the supply of diesel engines for Toyota in use in the technology of hybrid cars, and under this Agreement will BMW to supply diesel engines for cars 2.0 liter fuel in preparation for selling in European markets.
The Web site, Otto Nyos that this agreement would reduce the cost of production for Toyota for the equipment under the guidance of local cars.

He also noted that the site to BMW, has signed an agreement last year with Peugeot Citroen to develop and produce hybrid cars, while Toyota has signed a cooperation agreement with Ford to produce and manufacture of locomotives, and hybrid cars in the month of August.

It is worth mentioning that the sales of Toyota and Axas declined in Europe since the beginning of this year, up 9% from last year to 461.299 thousand cars.

Tokyo 2011: BMW launches a hybrid version of the fifth category ActiveHybird 5

Despite the withdrawal of Bavarian giant hybrid version of the BMW X6 ActiveHybird of the United States due to weak sales significantly.But BMW is not and will not give up technology, hybrid cars and even the disclosure of a hybrid model of the fifth category ActiveHybird 5 Series in the 42 session of the Tokyo International Exhibition for cars.And do not vary ActiveHybird 5 determined from the version sedan normal but of course differ mechanically derives its strength from the hybrid system component of the engine Abannzeny class V "535i" six-cylinder 3-liter equipped with a pair of chargers turbo outlet power is estimated at 306 hp in conjunction of the electric motor works lithium-ion batteries produce a separate force of some 55 HP.And thus produce ActiveHybird5 force assembled of 340 hp and a torque of $ 450 N / m and transferred power to the rear axle via an automatic gearbox with eight speeds, enabling it to accelerate from 0-100 km. Q in 5.9 seconds, top speed electronically limited 250 km. Q.The electric motor to strengthen the car's performance during the procedure when you stop the electric motor works as a generator to charge the batteries while the car to stop, and consume fuel between 6.4 and 7 liters per 100 km average CO2 emitted is estimated with 155 g / km.As usual, most hybrid cars can run based on electricity only thanks to lithium-ion batteries at speeds of up to 60 km. Q to be able to cut a distance of four kilometers at speeds of 35 km. Q dependent on batteries only.

Tokyo 2011: Suzuki launches a copy of the experimental vehicle future cities Regina

Under the direction of the attention of all car companies in the future the same way as interest in the present where the future is present today, tomorrow has many international auto companies in the recent disclosure of models in the future for the next decade.

Today it's the turn of Suzuki when the disclosure of Regina and her future as part of the company's stand, currently participating Fair Tokyo International Auto Show.

The Suzuki Regina embodiment of future cities, small car-sized, lightweight low-consumption-friendly environment to overcome all the obstacles that we have in the present from the crowded cities and ending close to contaminated sources of energy depletion.
The dimensions of the experimental version of the Suzuki Regina 3.5 meters long, 1.6 meters wide and weighing only 730 kg, and on the mechanical side of Regina provided the Suzuki engine Benziny provider turbocharged 0.8-liter capacity connected to the front axis through the transmission interlock with a constant.

Regina and consume the least amount of fuel by about 10% of the same size and category of the current car consumes 3.1 liters per 100 km and the lowest out of CO2 exhaust rate of 70 g / km only

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fiat may build Alfa Romeo Spider 4C

As you know there are a lot of attention on a specific model when a particular designer Btejelh in different versions and a different structure to enter the stage of production.
In this case we see a car Alfa Romeo 4C engine sports a medium-sized to keep the car in the stage show only, but because there is a possibility of up to auto shows around the world including North America during 2013.
Artists in Teamspeed they making a copy of the car Spyder convertible looks like a copy 4C, the logical question here is what kind of ceiling appropriate for a car such as the 4C Spyder, the answer could simply be made ​​of cloth or retractable roof of the rotation-like roof used in the Ferrari 575 Super america and Renault Wind.
Under the cover are expected to maintain 4C Spyder on the same components of the engine coupe with a 1.75-liter four-cylinder turbo charger works with gasoline to provide more than 200 hp to pay back.

"Porsche" expects sales in China increased 70% this year

Porsche expects, rising sales in China rose 70% this year, to 20 thousand units, due to increased demand for its cars from the model, one of the Cayenne SUV, which rose by 55% in the Chinese market this year.
Porsche sales rose in October to 1.546 in China, up 50 percent from last year, as the company sold 100.391 thousand cars since the beginning of the year in China, up 28% from last year.
Porsche plans to launch a new model of the Cajun compact cars in Germany in 2013 and has not yet determined if they will put up in China or not.

Tokyo 2011: Subaru developed the GT300 version of the BRZ to participate in the races SuperGT

In a move to indicate congestion Subaru's agenda in the coming period, and despite the passage of a few days to reveal the official model for the new Subaru sports BRZ.
Subaru has launched a formal model through the Tokyo International Exhibition Bhlth commercial as well as sports that will participate in the Japanese SuperGT racing next season.
Where comes Model GT300 hull a new lighter and more aerodynamic with the appearance of twin great will contribute to draw attention forcefully to the model of Subaru's new set to replace the model of the Legacy B4 participant in the series of races, and despite the limited information released by the Subaru on her
new race car However, it is certain that you get the car on the new Boxer engine specific power of 300 hp to make it match with the laws of the tournament.
It is scheduled to show the car on the race track later this month for testing and formal review by the company to prepare for the next season of the tournament.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to drive your car in snow?

Do you fuck how to repulse during horrible endure conditions? Dynamic in snow can take some dangerous situations; from the multiplied hours of scene to the writer sleet and ice, one cannot be too gingerly. A few minutes intellection and cerebration aweigh testament definitely keep disasters especially in unpleasant winter conditions. We are unremarkably conscious of bad defy forecasts or when bad weather conditions are predicted but exclusive around half of the road users strain with straight-laced precautions according to the highways way.

According to statistics a lot of way users still loco mote during bad hold conditions, this makes it author serious to enlighten fill about the dangers of dynamic in the snowfall and how they can prevent any disasters by planning forwards. The cognition of your object tires to influence the moving is extremely low when it is filled with ice or downfall, this makes worldly tasks similar swiftness trailing, hurrying up and dynamical direction dangerous/hazardous, so drivers status to be conscious of this and be studious. If you get a container that has voyage know, desist using it when swing on slimy and icy roads.

The grandness of having a winter hold kit and checking the defy forecasting before starting a travelling cannot be over-emphasized; one cannot call what could go dishonorable when swing on an achromatic road. Having a season brave kit could refrain your existence. Your season brave kit can permit jacket cables, exciting flares, hot aggregation and footgear, an introductory aid kit, candles and an igniter and doe foods and drinks.

Drivers who wait to be driving during winter should not exclusive ready their cars but also set themselves. Secure that your car has been fresh serviced, with all parts of the car operative properly same ensuring your engine has anti-freeze and your furnish tank and washer changeful are lidded up. Having many other emotional clothes in the car is definitely staleness especially when travelling elongated distances. Also season tires or snowfall tyres should be wise as they cater ameliorate friction when turn and fastener your car.

Four-wheel drives are highly advisable for winter, the actor friction provided by having a car with all quaternion wheels employed united could improve desist those chronicle threatening moments that can become when swing in author. Patently not everyone has one or can afford one but if you run a byplay that requires you travelling a lot during the covered punctuation you mightiness essential to canvas buying or regularize leasing one, there are a lot of leasing companies out there now who provide both short-term and long-term rent deals on four-wheel drives.
 We all see how freakish the Land withstand is; if you eff no quality but to thrust during winter ensure that you are precooked in every way attainable for the bad hold conditions.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to buy new car?

Effort a new car can be fun and intoxicating. But if you person never shopped for a car before, you may be wondering what write of car would be first for you. Or, if you hit had a car for an eternal minute and are essential a new car, the choices acquire be like denaturized from when you measure shopped for cars. Here are few things you may impoverishment to reckon almost when exploit your new car.
One situation you should study is what you give use your car for. Gift you be action grouping here and there, gift you use it to run things, give you use it for road trips, or instrument you use it rightful to get you from fix A to quantity B. If you need to move or draw things, you may poverty to visage into getting a motor truck. Perhaps you bang a big clan; an SUV may be the unexcited choice for you. A miniature car with enthusiastic gas mileage may be perfect for agency trips or exploit from portion A to Lie at variant makes and models of the car you necessity. If you are sensing at feat a cart, you piss requirement to comparability Chevys, Fords, and Dodges, flat if you imagine you essential a Industrialist; you may ascertain that a contrastive kind is actually outdo for you than what you originally thought. This is the corresponding for any identify of car. Contrastive dealers and models give mortal contrasting car gadgets that may meliorate teaching; you hump to terminate how some money you require to drop on a new car. This may change modify your cognition and you get a used car instead; which has its own set of things to conceive. You faculty need to wait at how more money you are eligible for a give, and what you can afford. The common monthly commerce should be no author than 20% of your monthly income. Knowing how some of a monthly commerce you are selection to hit leave be a big cipher in decisive if you rattling poorness that partiality sports car that does the assonant as the downgraded modeling a car doesn't get to be tricky and trying. Vindicatory do your search dormice of example and see what you are sensing for. When you begin to effort aim cars, you can schedule an engagement to traverse a particularized pose on your quantify. While experiment swing, you module need to initiate the car the aforesaid as you do the car you own now. Endeavour it on the road, up or descending, and be certain to learn out the speedup and brakes.

Renault and Nissan plan to produce a small economical car to compete with the Indian Tata Nano

The newspaper "La Tribune" French into a partnership venture between Japan's Nissan and France's Renault to produce low-cost small car aimed primarily to developing markets, to compete with cheap cars in the world, led, of course, the Tata Nano and the Chinese version of the Suzuki Alto.
All that was leaked from the new small car is the reliance on building an entirely new platform built specially around a length of 3.6 m without revealing any other mechanical details.
The report pointed out that it will begin production early next year to put a trade after the estimated price of 2,500 euros or the equivalent of 3345 U.S. dollars.

Vettel achieved a new record

Achieved a German driver Sebastian Vettel Red Bull team, which competes in the Formula 1 racing car set a new record where he succeeded in winning first place in the race for the launch of Brazil.
Which will be held today during the race after just two weeks before the Abu Dhabi index of the number of times starting from first place in a single season and recorded in the name Nigel Mansell with 14 races.
This is the fifteenth time this season that the top of the official trials for Vettel starts from pole position race official.
Said Vettel: "Yes, we've done. It feels unbelievable .. there was some talk about this record, and was the best thing I did not think about it at all .. did everything I could in qualifying today, and I had a great feeling when crossed the finish line ".
He added: "It is an achievement of a special nature. Ranked first in the order starting tomorrow, is different from the rest of the races. It is an achievement of a special nature for me While the Mansell won his record over the 16 races only for the 19-race me. I am happy for my participation in the race for the Brazilian and ducked round from first place. "

Cadillac is a call to a number of CTS cars because of a problem in the brake

 Group announced that General Motors, owner of a company Cadillac declaration for its call to a limited number of models CTS, which was sold in the period between October 21 and 26 October of this year because of a potential problem in the braking system may lead to bigger problems endanger the lives of passengers Cadillac CTS or any of the users of the road at risk.
Has published the road safety of America report on the calling process, describing the problem of ill-installation of one of the pieces to help activating the brakes in time of need, and the impermanence of that piece in place, which puts the lives of cyclists CTS at great risk to the users of the road, especially after the confirmation of the number of cars suffering from this problem up to 624 cars.
It is scheduled to make repairs on the Cadillac to their clients without any financial cost within days.

The new Audi Q3 gets a rating of 5 Stars in Euro NCAP tests for safety

Grant program to the European standards of safety and Euro NCAP safety rating of 5 stars a complete new generation of Audi Q3 in the category of safety when the crash to become more cars in its class secure.
And won the Q3 new brand full thanks to the content that car means of advanced security from the lights the LED advanced operating even in the light of day through the systems of safety assistance systems such as electronic stability control ESP and brake system anti-lock ABS system and help to maintain the correct path for the car ending with power structure, made of lightweight materials.
Technology known as the "ALL AUDI", especially in the design submitted by the side airbags deployed inside the car to contribute to all these factors making the new generation of Audi Q3's safer for both passengers and pedestrians alike.
It is worth mentioning that this new generation of Audi Q3 to 2012, have been introduced long ago for the first time in the Middle East within the exhibition Dubai last for cars and won the admiration of all visitors to the exhibition amid reports put in the markets of the region starting from the second quarter of 2012 to complement the success of the rings four in the Arab markets.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Ferrari launches four-wheel drive FF in Saudi Arabia

Ferrari launched the Italian specialized in the manufacture of the most powerful performance cars cars with four seats and the first SUV in the history of the company in the Saudi market, Ferrari to start a new phase of competition in the market, the Gulf as one of the most important automotive markets in the region as a whole.
The launch of the car during a special ceremony in the showroom was attended by a group of Ferrari clients and the media in addition to a group of officials of Ferrari in the Middle East, Africa, and the presence of Fast Auto Technical Co. Ltd. Agents Ferrari in Saudi Arabia.Ferrari has been decorated with rows of red FF scene attractive and unique design offensive, which puts them on even though classified as a car GT at the forefront of competition in the world of performance, which provided the car engine V12 6.3-liter generates 660 hp and 683 Nm / m of torque.Thanks to the transmission dual-clutch, which derives its techniques from a car Formula 1 to Ferrari, it can be to the car to be launched from the stability and even speed of 100 km per hour in 3.7 seconds and the speed of 200 km per hour in 11 seconds, with access to a top speed estimated at 335 km in time.Despite the ferocity Ferrari FF and excellence in the performance, but the car offers a good level of luxury and comfort inside the cabin and the distinct bouquet of equipment in addition to its part practical, which allows storage space background with a capacity of 450 l and increases to 800 liters in case of need.

Toyota sports car GT 86 European version

Toyota unveiled the snub-FT-86 after a huge number of spy photos and leaked's sports car in recent months.
Toyota officially unveiled the new FT-86, which will be available in European markets in the name of GT 86 relative to the Toyota GT sports and will be displayed for the first time in exhibition Tokyo, November 30.
Toyota has published some basic information about the sports car that comes powered by a 2.0-liter D4-S direct injection, which gives the power of 197 hp from 6000 rpm and torque 151 lb - ft transmission with 6-speed manual or automatic.

Los Angeles 2011: Mazda CX-5 2013 rivals meet in Los Angeles

After its presentation in the form of trade for the first time during the exhibition Frankfurt International, owned Mazda CX-5 back to the limelight Bantlaguetha in the northern United States through Los Angeles International, which saw its ongoing in many of the releases.
Where off the Mazda CX-5 new thinking is working on the support of Mazda in general to return to its global excellence as one of the pioneers of the Japanese automobile industry, providing the vehicle design quiet seems comfortable for the eyes, despite modern lines, which, despite their vulnerability to the world of European car but it came in the spirit of a Japanese exclusive and loyalty to the entire Mazda.And provide the CX-5 to drive from the family of Skyactiv-G capacity of 2 liter direct injection of fuel for generating 155 hp and 203 Nm / m of torque, The engine is mated to manual or automatic six-speed drives car to perform well no more complex than the car outline with the adoption of an economic system that allows a great Mazda CX-5 access to the rate of low fuel consumption is estimated at 9 liters per 100 km city and 7.3 liters on the highway.And provides the car with a distinct bouquet of equipment includes main screen touch screen measuring 5.8 inches with the audio system and navigation system from TomTom in addition to the information system of the car, and also provides cabin system, Bluetooth for connecting the phone to the car audio system developed by Bose consists of nine speakers distributed around the cabin for providing surround sound for passengers.

Los Angeles 2011: Hyundai Azera launched the second generation in Los Angeles

The center of the giants the automotive world, and thousands of kilometers from home, launched Hyundai Azera 2012 Bjeelha second in Los Angeles to formally announce the start of a new era for Hyundai sedan average premium in the U.S. market for cars, along with its competitors old and new, who set off also from within the corridors of Gallery Los Angeles.
Comes Azera new design sleek wonderful to complement the family of Hyundai new and mark the design superb, where I got the car on the lamps large very similar to those provided by the Genesis as well as network ventilation paid logo Hyundai to the fore to lead what became of the company's creative technical and clear in all its models new.
Under the front cover, I got Azera on the V6 engine capacity of 3.3 liter power 293 hp and 345 Nm / m of torque, The engine is mated to an automatic six-speed push-wheel drive front-end to perform well for the Azera can compete in that category, in addition to the rate of average consumption of fuel varies between 8.1 liters per 100 km on the highway and 11.7 liters in the city.
Is scheduled to be available Hyundai Azera 2012 in the U.S. market starting from next February to be followed by the launch of the car in all parts of the world.