Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Mazda" put six new models in the next 5 years

Mazda has announced plans to produce 6 new models of cars with new technology developed in more efficient, fuel consumption, and that over the course of the next 5 years.
Including a Mazda 3, which powered the Sky Active most efficient, in the consumption of fuel, which is going strong 40 miles per gallon, and also model CX5, which will be launched in the first half of 2012, as well as its cooperation with Ford to build cars Mustang and Mazda 6 in Latin America, Brazil and Mexico.
The Mazda plans to sell 1.7 million units a Sunni, compared to 1.3 million cars last year in order to maintain its share of 2% in the global automobile market, and Mazda plans to make cars more economical in fuel consumption by 20%, as well as the manufacture of electric cars and hybrid by 2015. ".

"General Motors" urges a 1900 car and locomotive

General Motors announced a call for 1900 thousand cars, and the locomotive of the Chevrolet Express and General Motors Savana, Models 2012 due to a defect in the assembly of the front air cushion.
And from 1798 thousand cars in the United States and 37 in Canada and 62 in Mexico, has been manufactured between June and October last year.
The Web site, Otto Onsider, it was the discovery of the defect in the last month that it may lead to the failure of the air bag has been notified dealers and car owners, and no announcement of accidents or injuries as a result of this defect, and in accordance with the Department of National Traffic Safety.

Nissan aimed produce one million electric cars by 2016

Nissan Motor Co. plans to second-largest car production in Japan to increase its production of electric vehicles to more than one million vehicles by 2016.
And Vice President to manage the development of technology that Nissan began production of electric cars and our main markets are Japan and the United States and Europe, indicating that the energy company's current 50 thousand electric cars annually of the total four million cars produced by Nissan.
He added that the company is targeting a level of production of electric vehicles of more than one million vehicles by 2016. I have no exact figure but it will be more than a million vehicles in collaboration with Renault, in accordance with the strategic alliance between us.

Mercedes disguised Authority Bugatti Veyron!!!

If we take into account that the price of a car model Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Trim up to $ 2.4 million, and barely making it, including 30 copies only, it is not surprising that a lot of people around the world want one of them and do not have price.
Sometimes the desire can cause people to carry out a little bit crazy, like to wear your car, four-door old
Mercedes package structure of the Bugatti Veyron.
There is nothing to be ashamed of that can not possess the financial capacity to buy the fastest car in the world, bujata Veron "regular" price of a new up to nearly two million dollars, so if you're lucky enough to find one of them is not reserved in advance. And the price could come down a little used car.
But, with that kind of a shame to add an external structure of the ugly package format used on the Mercedes car and innocent, with the hope of making it look "somewhat" look like Veron. As you can see the result is a very wrong decision, and that we see here in Bosnia, at least half of these could be the car as a "terrible"!

Audi R8 610 hp strongly modified from the B & B

Company B & B Automobile Technique supply and Berlin-based launch of the third stage of the Audi R8 for commercial production.
This program aims to model V10 engine from the mid-sized sports car, which got a boost exceptional strength with larger brakes. The provider of the development of the German car R8 performance exhaust system with a private gym, and an improved computer system ECU and air filter from a special carbon fiber, the car now give the power up to 610 hp.
Compared with the previous R8 Cars That Last comes a strong 525 horsepower, while the super-car now going from 0-62 miles / hour in 3.6 seconds and reach a speed of 124 miles / hour in 10.8 seconds.
Including model and compared to the original, which travels through 12.3 seconds. Car can be up to the current top speed of 205 miles / hour, not bad for the Audi Coupe. The original vehicle is barely up to the speed of 196 miles / hour.
As for the price of the new car, the price adjustment starts from 14.950 euros, and can increase with the addition of some additional options for the car.

"Toyota" partially resume production in Thailand

"Toyota" Company Resumed a car manufacturers in Thailand, Monday, in part after production was forced to close its plants last October as a result of disability and the arrival of spare parts due to the floods that swept the country.
According to the Thai News Agency that "Toyota" resumed work on 3-owned plants to produce cars
It is noteworthy that the production of plants suspended, although the flood waters that swept through central Thailand has not flooded.
The power plants of the three productivity is 630 thousand units per year.
On the other hand resumed the company "Isuzu Motors" produced in Thailand today, as was 4 Japanese companies are the "Nissan" and "Mitsubishi" and "Mazda" and "Hino" resumed production last week.
Leaving only the company "Honda" that did not resume production because its laboratory is still awash with water.
In the meantime, Council anticipated economic growth and national social in Thailand on Monday to drop the GDP of the country in 2011 to 1.5%, after it had been expected to reach 3.5 or 4%.
The Secretary General of the Council that the floods may last until December that affect the GDP.