Friday, December 2, 2011

Cooperation between BMW and Toyota to manufacture diesel engines

BMW announced that signed a cooperation agreement with Toyota, including the supply of diesel engines for Toyota in use in the technology of hybrid cars, and under this Agreement will BMW to supply diesel engines for cars 2.0 liter fuel in preparation for selling in European markets.
The Web site, Otto Nyos that this agreement would reduce the cost of production for Toyota for the equipment under the guidance of local cars.

He also noted that the site to BMW, has signed an agreement last year with Peugeot Citroen to develop and produce hybrid cars, while Toyota has signed a cooperation agreement with Ford to produce and manufacture of locomotives, and hybrid cars in the month of August.

It is worth mentioning that the sales of Toyota and Axas declined in Europe since the beginning of this year, up 9% from last year to 461.299 thousand cars.

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